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When you choose Ridgemill as your supplier, you’ll benefit from all the latest technology. Our technicians are manufacturer trained, we only fit original parts, toner and consumables to make sure that all equipment runs as reliably as possible to the manufacturers specifications. Each of your devices will be monitored, with meter readings taken remotely. We’ll receive information on fault codes and breakdowns, enabling us to react quickly if any issues arise. We’ll even dispatch toner when your machines are running low. As an environmentally responsible company we will collect all used toner tubes and return them to the manufacturer for recycling.

Our Service Includes

Preferential service contracts

Fully computerised works control

Remote diagnostics, supplies ordering and meter reading

Software keeps your costs under control

The latest in print management software enables you to take full control of your printing expenditure. With all the essential information to hand, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending per page. You’ll also be able to monitor printing across every device, enabling you to achieve substantial cost savings.

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