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Case studies: Just a few of our success stories

A selection of clients that have benefitted from our tailored approach, from audit to installation.

Beard Construction

The problem: With desktop printers that were proving unreliable and expensive to run, Beard Construction contacted Ridgemill for a quote.

Our solution: After conducting a full cost analysis, we were chosen as the sole supplier of Beard’s reprographic equipment. We suggested implementing site rentals, as these have been very popular with other construction companies we work with. The sites are often short-term and rental offers a hassle-free option.

The result: Since the successful Swindon office installation, we have also supplied machines for their new Bristol offices.

St Mary Redcliffe Church

The problem: The Church was looking to exit an agreement they had with a national supplier. Their machine had become unreliable and engineers were struggling to get parts for the machine’s booklet maker.

Our solution: On reviewing the agreement the Church had, Ridgemill was able to help settle the existing lease by rolling the outstanding finance onto a new transparent lease agreement. We then installed the latest high volume Ricoh device at St Mary Redcliffe Church.

The result: Vastly improved workflow and reliability.

St Bernard’s Primary School

The problem: The school were in the process of tendering for a photocopier to replace their current machine. St Bernard’s had an A3 machine and a number of desktop printers located throughout the school. They were having to source cartridges online and had no maintenance agreement for the desktop equipment.

Our solution: Ridgemill was recommended to St Bernard’s Primary School by another local school. We conducted a print audit, looking at all devices, which allowed us to compare the school’s current situation with any proposed new costs.

The result: It was our recommendation to replace the current photocopier with a machine that would best fit the schools current volume, ensuring the device would last the duration of a new agreement. We replaced the desktop printers with a strategically placed compact multifunction device. Installing the new managed print solution on a Local Authority Operating Lease ensured that the agreement complied with the correct regulations.

Lee Wakemans

The problem: We visited Lee Wakemans back in August 2014. After speaking to the customer on numerous occasions, it was apparent that they were concerned about the cost of their monthly printing.

Our solution: Over the next month we implemented a complimentary print audit, during which we discovered that the client was using small desktop printers and printing high volumes of colour unnecessarily. We proposed a New Ricoh MPC5503 with staple finishing unit to cover the main bulk of the printing in the main office, and a new Ricoh MPc305SPF as a small back up colour device for the directors.

The result: We removed all of the expensive printers and also defaulted all printing to mono, saving around £2700 per year in printing costs alone.

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