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Interactive Screens

The interactive presentation solution for business and education

No need to spend valuable time setting up and configuring, interactive whiteboards are ready to go as soon as you switch them on. They fit easily to an optional stand which can be wheeled from room to room or fitted to a wall mounted bracket. There is wireless connectivity which removes the need for a cable connection. Remote access is via a PIN code for security, and there are flexible audio options if required.

The Complete solution for interactive presentations

Developing and communicating concepts quickly and effectively is critical in education and commerce today.  In the modern office space, collaborative working is also essential, utilising ways of working to develop ideas easily. Interactive boards or panels facilitate efficient training and collaborative working, allowing you to develop content that will engage and enlighten user groups.

Interactive learning for primary and secondary school students

Young minds learn best through interaction and discussion. Interactive whiteboards make lessons and lectures lively and stimulating, it allows a whole host of graphics, images, diagrams and videos not only to be displayed but annotated and revised. Great ideas and useful graphics don’t need to be lost when the class ends because you can save the information or sent it to a photocopier to be distributed to the class.

Empowering your business with shared knowledge and creativity

How can you harness and share all the valuable creativity in your workgroups? You need a device that allows everyone to collaborate in brainstorming sessions. You may need to get valuable input from colleagues in other offices in other locations. Interactive displays have the answer, providing an interactive platform where you can all share and develop ideas. When you are done, you can save your work to a folder, email for sharing and print it out for your colleagues to take away

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