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Helping businesses with their COVID-19 challenges

Ridgemill provides a number of tools and services to support businesses who are dealing with the issues caused by the coronavirus, such as working from home and dealing with remote users.

Our extensive supply chain are on hand to provide expert advice on a number of key issues that you may be facing right now. You can find out more about the types of problems faced by clients and the ways we can help in the summary of key areas below, and also arrange a remote audio or video call.

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Bringing your employees and your business, back together!

Our expertise covers IT, connectivity, communications, conferencing, document workflow, security and mailroom services. Everything you need to get remote workers working!

Telecoms and connectivity

Ridgemill provide a range of cost effective telecommunications solutions to keep your employees working. We have the flexibility to provide multiple mobile plans to your organisation and managed them centrally. In addition, we can bridge the separate demands of both remote and office based users under one unified solution.

Laptops, hardware and support

Ridgemill work with premium market brands to supply best of breed remote computing solutions and hardware. Our in-house IT team provide the knowledge to provision new personal computers with the appropriate applications, security and connectivity required for home workers. Whether you need our assistance to; provide a complete end to end service, lend support to your existing IT team during busy periods, or to take advantage of our wholesale pricing… we are here to help.

Keep in touch with customers, colleagues and suppliers

Social media platforms are a great way to remotely work on projects and keep teams fully informed. Providing the right mix of integrated collaboration tools will supercharge home based employees’ ability to react, track and centrally manage activity. Ridgemill provides a suite of technologies that bring remote teams together.

Accessing document and data

Before working away from the office, home workers often have the impulse to upload vast amounts of company information to a USB or portable drive. Aside from the obvious security nightmare this presents, the duplication of information provides a huge issue with integrity, as live documents get updated, changed and re-filed independently.

Accessing and distributing incoming postal mail

Digital Mailroom Solutions

Many companies still open and internally distribute post into departmental pigeon holes, desktop trays or even resent to remote workers via a carrier service.

Ridgemill can we can provide mailroom services for critical daily post.

  • Post can be redirected to our scanning and data capture team
  • We will scan and index the mail
  • The scanned mail PDF ‘s are upload to your company via secure SFTP
  • The original mail will be stored for an agreed period, then delivered back to your office.

Get support for your business

Our team of experts are on hand to provide either an audio and or video call, and able to help with a variety of solutions to support your needs.

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